Getting Things Done

Or GTD as it’s popularly referred to. But first things first…

Haha, I found this guy again not that long ago, collecting dust in a forgotten folder. My god what time flies, and yikes, what my personal projects have been set aside for far too long.

I finished him years ago but never got around to render him out for my website. The entire update of my portfolio section have been dragged out for way too long, so I decided to get the ball rolling by render out a web version of him and get The Innkeeper posted. He is more or less the same as when I left him a few years ago, I just updated a few minor things to make him render properly in LightWave 10.x.

Now the second thing, I’ll let you in on a little secret. A few months ago I heard about GTD for the first time. I’m on the eternal quest to boost my productivity so I always try to check out new things to see if they can help me achieve that constant goal.

I’ve for quite some time, as I believe I’ve mentioned more than once in the past, had problems to juggle both work and personal projects at the same time, which in the end has made my personal projects suffer way too much and get the shorter end of the stick.

After reading a few articles on sites like Lifehacker about GTD I was getting curious to explore this productivity system more, so I read Dave Allen’s (@gtdguy) book. I’ve somewhat of a reserved attitude towards these “amazing” systems, but I keep an open mind and pick the pieces that suites my life and workflows. So, I studied the GTD method and setup a personal system and started using some cool software, based on the GTD ideas.

The result after a few months evaluation?

It has actually made a difference. I’m getting more things done, I am working more efficiently than ever before, and something I am especially happy with, is that all my personal projects have started moving forward again. All of them. Really cool!

I am currently altering the deal I’ve had with my website and have started to make some use of this space again. I have a very solid plan how my projects will continue going forward from now on and somewhat of a schedule as a well. Dang! Lot’s of things I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, but work etc always seemed to get in the way. Now I am actually pursuing my passion projects again.

Okay I better stop now, before I start to sound like a “religious” person about this whole GTD thing. I can recommend to dedicate some time to carefully check it out though, if you’re a productivity junkie like me.

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