Flooding with Number 10

No, I am not going to flood my own journal with these doodles.

But I had some real fun with this one, I even broke my own rule and gave it a few more minutes than I’m allowed to. I could have continued for quite some more time as I had “the flow”, but that would’ve undermined my experiment.

When I’m done with this project, maybe I should browse the different sculpts that came to life and see if I want to take one or some of them further. Time will tell.

My doodling rules are:
60 minutes // from scratch // no references // no shirts // no shoes


  1. ziemniak 8 years ago

    I’m just curious, what brushes in ZBrush are you using? And how many divisions (polys) do you usually use?

    Great work.
    Cheers! :)

    • Ziemniak, I usually get by with only 5 brushes. Move, Clay, ClayTubes, ClayBuildup and Dam_Standard. When I get into detailing I like playing around with all brushes available, but for the majority of the time I only use those five. I’ve them docked to the bottom of my Canvas for quick access. For these 60 minutes doodles, I’ve almost exclusively used those five brushes.

      As I set a time restraint of 60 mins for these ones, I’ve stopped at around 400k polys (5 divisions). On a few I’ve managed to get up to the 6th division, ~1.8mil polys, before running out of time.


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