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Destrachan – The Sculpting is Almost There

Let’s see, things are moving forward, so here is just a quick update. I’ve been working on finetuning my sculpting and get some finer details in place. Here is a render of where I am at the moment. I made the render above in Modo by taking my low resolution base mesh and exporting a…

Destrachan - Work in Progress 4
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A Few 2007 Updates

Already into February and I haven’t yet posted a blog entry in 2007. The two first months this year have been unbelievable hectic. I had to rearrange a lot of things and start planning how 2007 should work out for me. Anyway, the first blog post of the year is finally here. The image above…

artstorm manual - cover
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I Do Modo! Do You?

Oh yeah! Luxology finally released Modo yesterday after years of development! Modo is the new 3D Tool built for Artists. And I AM IN LOVE! Such an amazing modeler. Check it out: Luxology’s Modo

Modo Logo
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