Finally, There is a CG Society!

CG Society

CGNetworks recently took the initiative to form a CGSociety. Of course I’m fully supporting this great step and am a member of this society.

“The CGSociety is for creative digital artists. This is artists that uses computers to tell a visual story. No matter what the format or scope, from a still image to a complete film or game, telling a visual story is the thread that ties this community together.

The CGSociety is committed to enhancing the global state of creative digital arts. It celebrates, aggregates, supports, trains and promotes creative digital artists in their local and global communities.

The CGSociety is unbiased in its enthusiastic support of all genres, styles, tools and outlooks. It supports professional chapters including Film, Games, Concept Design, Visualization, Illustration, and more.”

It will be interesting to see how powerful the CGSociety will become, and what I’ll contribute with to it.

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