Vue, the Second Day

Amazing, blog entries two days in a row, that hasn’t happened for months. I hope this is a good sign and that it’ll continue down this path.

Vue Foam Shore

Experimenting with how to simulate foam at a shoreline

Today I am attending a wedding, for a colleague at work, but I had some hours during the morning to spare to continue my Vue explorations. It’s becoming very intriguing with Vue as I start to learn the different possibilities with it, and also leaving the basics and coming up with my own solutions. Next week will be a Vue week where I plan to finish my explorations of Vue and then have all knowledge I need to let it be a part of excelling my productions.

Vue Global Illumination

Exploring the different Global Illumination settings of Vue (A pretty dull image I know, but I learned a great deal.)

Working Music: Broder Daniel – Cruel Town

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