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The Pod Bay in 3D World Issue 97

3D World issue 97 (December 2007) just went on sale, and I am delighted to have my The Pod Bay image published in this issue. The Pod Bay was my contribution for the Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007 and ended up in the 3rd place. 3D World Magazine runs a print of the winning images…

The Pod Bay in 3D World 97
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The Pod Bay – Third in the Vue Environment Competition

A few days ago I posted an entry that my image, The Pod Bay, was selected as one of the twelve finalists in the Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007. Today, at Siggraph 2007 the final winners was announced. I was happy and surprised to see that my submission was selected as one of the three…

The Pod Bay
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Me, a Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007 Finalist

e-on software, the maker’s of Vue, has together with Electronic Arts, Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm Animation held a competition this summer called Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007. I have had Vue in my toolbox since I got it bundled with my LightWave 9 upgrade about two years ago, but never really started using…

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More Eco Systems

Well, I’ve continued my explorations of Vue. And I guess there will be a couple of more of these entries until I’ve learned everything about this new tool in my arsenal. New productive tools are always a joy to learn. Today I explored constructing my own terrains by painting them with the airbrush and then…

Vue River
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Eco Systems and Me

Well, have had a soft weekend, but tonight I got some time to continue playing around with Vue. I just continued learning about Eco Systems in Vue, a very powerful feature that really seems to rock. Here is a small Eco System render I just created. Enjoy. ;) Music for Vue’ing: Lars Winnerbäck – Live…

Vue Eco System
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Vue, the Second Day

Amazing, blog entries two days in a row, that hasn’t happened for months. I hope this is a good sign and that it’ll continue down this path. Today I am attending a wedding, for a colleague at work, but I had some hours during the morning to spare to continue my Vue explorations. It’s becoming…

Vue Foam Shore
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Vue is Around

I haven’t written in my blog for a long time. Mainly because of my current work at GA has been taking up more or less all my time and I really haven’t had any time left over for personal things like Artstorm. Now I think I have been able to plan up things so I…

Vue Test 1
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