The Pod Bay in 3D World Issue 97

3D World issue 97 (December 2007) just went on sale, and I am delighted to have my The Pod Bay image published in this issue.

The Pod Bay in 3D World 97

he Pod Bay in 3D World (Click to enlarge)

The Pod Bay was my contribution for the Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007 and ended up in the 3rd place. 3D World Magazine runs a print of the winning images in the current issue. So if you get your hands on the latest issue you’ll find my image there together with the two other winning images by Julien Chabot and Dimitar Tzvetanov. Great work by you guys and congrats in the competition!

3D World is a great magazine for any 3D Artist, so it’s well worth a read for more reasons just than looking at our Vue images. :)


  1. Congrats!

  2. Congratulation to you too!!! Just looking at our images is reason enough to buy this wonderful magazine! :P

  3. hayder abdella 12 years ago

    I do like it

  4. Congrats on the entry! I picked up the magazine and recognizes your work.

    Kudos on that!

  5. Well, I like your stuff! Brilliant, estrange, of exquisite facture… I’m from South America, my work is some dark and funny (it’s rare mixing) if you have time, please visit my gallery on…

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