Me, a Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007 Finalist

e-on software, the maker’s of Vue, has together with Electronic Arts, Industrial Light & Magic and Lucasfilm Animation held a competition this summer called Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007.

I have had Vue in my toolbox since I got it bundled with my LightWave 9 upgrade about two years ago, but never really started using it, but well, when I got the announcement of this competition, I thought it was a nice and fun opportunity to learn this application properly.

As usual I waited until the last week of the competition before starting to dig into Vue and learn all the bells and whistles, and I came up with an image in about a day which I submitted. I didn’t really think it would be noticed by the jury, but that was okay, I had learned a new powerful application to use in my work.

Today they announced the 12 finalists from the 339 entries, and my submission was among the finalists. I got pretty surprised and pleased at the same time. I hadn’t expected this for my first Vue image that I had made in such a short time while learning the application.

My entry is called “The Pod Bay” and is available for viewing at the competition finalists showcase here,

Siggraph 2007 in San Diego is next week and the three winners out of the 12 finalists will be announced there. I wasn’t really interested in the competition before, but now I am a bit curious to see how it turns out next week. I have already set my mind to which 3 images in the competiton that will take the first, second and third place. 1. Snapshot, 2. Last Refuge and 3. White Ducks under the Bridge. But well, we’ll see if I am correct.

Oh well, back to sculpting my Destrachan creature now.

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