Looping in the Face on Katana

I had some other business to take care of, so I had a break for a few days from this piece. Tonight I got back to her again though, and I have made some more progress to her since the last post.

I’ve spend this night working on the facial structure, and have been focusing a great deal on the edgeloops, and I finally think I am starting to get happy with the layout of the wires. As I’ve mentioned in the last post, I primarily make this character to fine tune my edgeloop modeling skills.

I still have some refinements left to accomplish on the head. The ears lack some details and need to be properly attached to the mesh. There is also some loops around the mouth area that I have to work a bit more with before I’m completely satisfied. Other than that I just have to massage around her points a bit to get the features in the face to have the appearance I want them to have.

Here is some shots of her face up to this point. A rendered version and also a version with wires. I’ll continue tweak and refine her head and post a finished version of it later on today.

Katana - Work in Progress 2 Render

Katana - Second Work in Progress

Katana - Work in Progress 2 Wire

Wires of the second WIP

When I’ve finalized the head and attached it to the body, this piece will quickly close in to a finished state. The piece will probably be named Katana and not her as a character. Stages left to complete after the mesh is in place: Add hair and clothes, add a basic rig to pose her, paint textures and model accessories and then it should be prime time for a final render.

Working Music: Hello Saferide – Introducing

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