Equinox : In a Dream – Alive at Youtube

Wee, this is a totally unrelated blog entry to my 3D work. But I wanted to post this as a personal keeper anyway.

Yesterday, my old friend Johan, a.k.a. Loxley told me our old Amiga demo, In A Dream, was online at Youtube. It was around 13 years ago we created this baby amongst tons of other productions on the Amiga computer platform. It was created in 1994 to be exact and was the last production I was involved with in the demo scene, ending my years there from 1987-1994.

Girl Face from In a Dream

Graphics from In a Dream - Click the image to see the demo on YouTube.

It was a pure pleasure to me to see that our old productions since the demo scene days are still working their way around. And I am amazed that some people actually are taking their time to record and upload our old productions. I just wish the video quality on Youtube was a bit better. All lovely details gets lost and are quite blurred out. Which reminds me of one of my future projects where I hope to find some spare days to go through all our old Equinox Demo floppy disks and record them all to high quality video files. Oh well, one day I’ll find the time. :)

Anyway, that’s all for now. For those old-skool guys who still have access to an Amiga or are using an Amiga emulator, all Equinox productions can be downloaded to be seen in their original glory from our memorial website, Equinox Official Website. Also tons of music and graphics we did back in the early 90’s are available there.

Now I’ll get back to work and keep pushing those polygons around!

/Johan – The artist formerly known as rioter of equinox.

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