Innkeeper: Now the Fun Can Begin!

I had some time tonight to continue working with this guy, so I finished up the modeling process of this project. Now the fun can begin!

The Innkeeper - Work in Progress 4 - No Hair

Untextured render of The Innkeeper

Since the last post, I’ve made tweaks all over the character, but I’ve mainly focused on the face to make him look a bit more interesting. Also for these renders I added a quick and dirty rig, so I could pose him and not have another boring T-pose render. The rig is far from finished, so he doesn’t deform perfect yet, but it was okay enough for these renders.

The Innkeeper - Work in Progress 4 - Hair

A bonus render with some quick and dirty hair

Alright, time to start texturing and create the shading for this guy. This is what I have been looking forward to the most this time, so I can’t wait to grab my Wacom pen and start painting. I will also fix the hair during this process. Stay tuned for another update coming soon!

Working Music: Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man – Out of Season


  1. So how do you plan these characters out? I haven’t seen concept art for these, just the models.
    And also, how long does it usually take you to complete one? I’ve been trying to work on my own personal project, but it’s kind of hard to decide the level of detail that I want to employ for secondary characters.
    I really like your level of detail in this model; the zippers on the shoes, the buttons on the shirt.
    This is really impressive stuff, and i’ll keep watching! I need to get my own LW skills up to par!

  2. Hey Phil,

    Well, for this particular character I haven’t drawn any concept art. I usually do that though, so this is a bit unusual for my workflow. But as I was about to make a character to mainly work on my texture skills I have just been doodling along creating this character as I go. I knew I wanted to go for a kind of obese look though. And when I came to the addition of accessories I just did some googling to find some medieval designs to get inspired from, for the shoes and dagger primarily.

    About time spent. I have spent a few hours now and then spread out over some time with this project, so I’d say that I have spent about one full working day in total so far. Or something in that region.

    I went by your site and checked it out. I saw you were into celshading a lot. And you had made some nice characters. I love the celshaded style myself and have been meaning to dabble around a bit with that look too, sometime in the future. Looking forward to see more updates of your characters. :)

  3. Actually, all I’m doing is ramping the lum to about 80% and the
    diffuse to 20% then ramp the diffuse sharpness to about 150 and turn
    on edges. I’ve found that it gives you better control of the cel
    effect, but causes havoc when trying to do anything with radiosity.

    Man, I wish I had your detail thought!

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