Conform By UV Released

Conform By UVHere’s another release available for download. Conform By UV is a plugin that I’ve developed together with Lee Perry-Smith who came up with all the ideas and also contributed with the logo and testing.

The concept behind this LightWave 3D modeler addition is to be able to use a base mesh and conform it to other variations, even if the variations have gone through major changes. Like chopping off and replacing body parts, dramatically altering the look, size and proportions. The plugin uses the UV layout as a point of reference to find which points to match between the source and destination mesh to perform the conform. The only requirement is that the UV map layout is basically kept identical between the different meshes to be used.

By using the UV layout to make the conform, point order and point count becomes irrelevant. This is especially useful when working with sculpting applications and then bringing back variations to be used for morphs or new meshes.


  1. Thanks Johan! a superb script. This has really helped allot in my productions.

  2. Pedro Alpiarça dos Santos 10 years ago

    Very nice plugin Johan, ty for sharing your work.

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