Transfer By UV Released

A short post, quick heads up. I just released Transfer By UV, a variation of the recently released Conform By UV Lee Perry-Smith and I put together.

We had already talked about getting more data pushed between meshes this way, and when also Timothy Albee asked if Weight Map transfers could be added to the Conform tool, I made a branch with this variation.

As it was something I already had in mind, and it wasn’t that much work to change a few things to copy vertex maps instead of conforming the geometry after the matching has been processed, the transfer version was alive in a few hours. Sunday fun! This first iteration can transfer Weights, Morphs and Selection Sets by matching the UV layout. Feel free to get the tool if this is something you’d find useful.


  1. Royie Kahalany 9 years ago

    Well, apparently there isn’t an option to transfer an already submitted post and so I hereby post it in here as well. Cuz after all, some things are meant (and should be) heard more than once.

    Besides, it’s a great excuse to get rid of a few typos while I’m at it :)

    And so..

    Dear Johan.

    I haven’t downloaded the plugin yet, although I’ll probably find a use for it soon enough. But that’s not why I’m writing these lines.
    As we a are geographically thousands of miles apart the best I could do Is just throw in a few thank you’s that will never be enough:

    Thank you for the time, the patience, the knowledge, the kindness, the will to contribute, the wealth of good will and most of all – Thank you for who you are.

    You – Johan & Lee, You – Timothy and all the unsung LW geniouses that transcend this software from a pure binary code to a beautiful and engaging way of life.

    You, fine people are the Inspiration for generations to come,
    an embodiment of the modern Renaissance men,
    and the very reason I’m proud to call myself a Lightwaver.

    Can’t thank you enough,

    Royie Kahalany

    P.S. Wish I could buy you a beer someday

    • Royie,

      Thanks for your kind words, it’s much appreciated!
      And oh, I’ll keep that beer in mind. :)


      • Royie Kahalany 9 years ago // reply to Johan

        Sure thing. So if by any chance you plan on a summer vacation in Israel – you got a place to stay, my friend.

        All the best,


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