PmG Messiah “Dare To Share” $10 Challenge

Update: The party is over, the Dare to Share Challenge has reached the goal!

The price is back to normal again.
It was a cool experiment for sure that successfully stirred some real buzz in the community and pretty successful in doing that. And I’m excited to try the latest version of messiah which I snagged during the challenge, and see what has happened with the software since the last version I bought (v3 I believe).
//end of update

This viral campaign by pmG is pretty wild! I like it!

I haven’t upgraded my messiah license for a couple of versions, as I have quite a lot of applications to maintain and costs can add up, but with this price it was a no brainer to get the latest version of messiah into my arsenal of tools again. $40 for the messiahStudio5 Pro is just awesome and I didn’t think twice about joining the challenge. I hope the goal will be reached.

“We’re doing an unprecedented viral test marketing campaign where your success in sharing this offer will allow you and others to get our amazing award winning animation and rendering software ( messiahStudio5 ) for the unheard of price of just $10 (regularly $499) or choose the Pro version for just $40 (regularly $1195). When this experiment ends, the prices will return to normal.”

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