Interesting happenings, news and events in the CG Community.

ZBrush 3 is Here!

The development phase has been going on for years and what originally was supposed to be ZBrush 2.5 now finally hit the streets as a more significant upgrade, and got the 3.0 extension instead. Pixologic has worked hard on this update and it has been well worth the wait! Woohoo! I just got my upgrade…

ZBrush 3 Logo
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The Power of the Sphere

A very interesting site surfaced the other week, dedicated to the sphere. Check out the site over at CGSphere. “Sphere: [sfeer, noun] a space or solid enclosed by a surface, all points of which are equidistant from the center. – The Penguin Concise English Dictionary “The sphere is arguably one of the most basic and…

CG Sphere
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Finally, There is a CG Society!

CGNetworks recently took the initiative to form a CGSociety. Of course I’m fully supporting this great step and am a member of this society. “The CGSociety is for creative digital artists. This is artists that uses computers to tell a visual story. No matter what the format or scope, from a still image to a…

CG Society Symbol
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Grand Space Opera CG Challenge

CG Challenge XVI: Grand Space Opera CG Networks just announced this competition, and of course I couldn’t resist, so I signed up for it. Could turn out quite interesting. The deadline isn’t until January 15, 2005, so plenty of time. I’ll work with it now and then and post progress images as I make them.

cgchallenge Grand Space Opera
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P3dO Explorer

I’ve been beta testing a new 3d/image browsing software from Senosoft. It’s turning out awesome with support for all high end formats like OpenEXR, FLX and HDR. Lot’s of things are in the works for it. It’s a very interesting development for coming versions of this software. And Yarp is just the greatest guy, and…

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I Do Modo! Do You?

Oh yeah! Luxology finally released Modo yesterday after years of development! Modo is the new 3D Tool built for Artists. And I AM IN LOVE! Such an amazing modeler. Check it out: Luxology’s Modo

Modo Logo
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