Personal entries, which are not related to my work and the creative process. Sometimes I have an ordinary life.

Some Catamongus! Webdesign

I’ve been involved in the making of a 3D animated TV series for children for quite some time as the Art Director / Creative Director. The other week I did make the design for the website that will present the series. It’s mostly just the design at the moment. Actual content will be added with…

Coolcats Website
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Equinox Memorial Site

Once upon a time back in the late 80’s and early 90’s where yours truly using the handle rioter and a member of a demo crew called Equinox. Well I’ve spent a couple of days now creating a memorial site on the net to preserve everything we created back then. If you have any interest…

Equinox Logo
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Computer Hardware is Evil!

I have had some serious hardware trouble the last week. First did one of my storage hard drives just die on me. And bad luck usually just doesn’t end up with one thing, so just a few hours later my CPU decided to die on me as well. Can I say panic? Well, I managed…

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