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LightWave 3D – A Great Speed Modeling Application

About a year ago, I wrote a post about customizing modeler, since then I’ve completely switched to a 64-bit environment and with LightWave 9.5 just released, it was about time for an updated version. LightWave 3D was once known as the fastest polygon and subdivision modeler on the market. The modeling workflow was considered one…

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The Unofficial LightWave 3D Plugin Section

I’ve recently put up an unofficial plugin section on artstorm. I don’t really code anymore, and I don’t have any intentions to return or dig deeper into the world of coding either these days, as I am just to much in love with my 3D work. But I do from time to time write a…

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Symmetry Correction Plugin for LightWave

Long time, no post. Things are cooking though. Busy busy. Anyway, I thought I should post a little freebie I coded recently. I’ve acquired a few new computers (Workstation, rendering slaves) and have made the switch to Vista x64 as well as LightWave x64 for 64-bit Windows. Fortunately most of the plugins I rely on…

Symm X Mirror
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Some LightWave 3D Modeling Tips and Tricks

Aug 17, 2008: I’ve written a more updated version of this post here. This is a follow up to my post earlier today to share some of my modeling “secrets” to be able to model as fast as possible with LightWave 3D. Perhaps some of you out there will find this or parts of it…

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