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Destrachan – Finished

Alright, Destrachan is finished and posted to my 3D Portfolio. I ended up modeling some sort of dungeon environment to put him in. I could probably have spent some more time with it but I wanted to finish this project, wrap it up and move on to new challenges. I was about to make some…

Destrachan - Finished
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The Pod Bay – Third in the Vue Environment Competition

A few days ago I posted an entry that my image, The Pod Bay, was selected as one of the twelve finalists in the Vue 3D Environment Competition 2007. Today, at Siggraph 2007 the final winners was announced. I was happy and surprised to see that my submission was selected as one of the three…

The Pod Bay
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A Few 2007 Updates

Already into February and I haven’t yet posted a blog entry in 2007. The two first months this year have been unbelievable hectic. I had to rearrange a lot of things and start planning how 2007 should work out for me. Anyway, the first blog post of the year is finally here. The image above…

artstorm manual - cover
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Moving into the Living Room

Oh yes, the living room is finished. I made some final adjustments on the color scheme from the the last work in progress image and also added a bottle of wine and a decorative bowl placed on the cupboards. A version in higher resolution can be seen in my portfolio. This was just a personal…

Modern Living Room Final Version
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