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Fourth WIP of the Elly Model

Here’s a quick update to the character I worked with last week. I have been really busy, with work and also updating with some improved design and new features (like the turntable function), so I haven’t had time to pick her up for work again until yesterday, where I got some more things done…

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Skin and Hair Updates on Elly + Bonus FiberFX Script

I had some time tonight to make a few small updates to Elly. It’s getting closer to completion. Here’s the latest render test, the hair definitely needs more work… I didn’t have so much time to work with this tonight, but since yesterday I have done a few things anyway. I cleaned up some more…

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Resurrected Female Model – Painted and Shaded

Okay, a few hours has passed since my earlier post and it’s time for me to call it a night. Naturally I couldn’t completely finish her in this amount of time, as it’s quite a tedious task creating a detailed CG character. But I came pretty far though. I more or less completed painting the…

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Innkeeper: The Texture Game is on

At last, here’s a new update of my innkeeper character. Again, it took a little longer than I had expected since my last update, but I’ve had a few commissioned pieces of work that have come in between. Believe it or not, but they take precedence over my personal projects. Anyway, today I got back…

Innkeeper - Work in Progress - Texturing 1
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And We Have Shading

Here’s a quick update of my progress with this female character since yesterday. I finalized the facial features tonight, and started working on the shading and textures. Here’s my current state of her. I’ve finished the eyes and textured them. I’ve also started paint the textures for the skin. There is still some more work…

Katana - Work in Progress 4 - Render
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