Fourth WIP of the Elly Model

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Improved Shading and Textures (Click to enlarge)

Here’s a quick update to the character I worked with last week.

I have been really busy, with work and also updating with some improved design and new features (like the turntable function), so I haven’t had time to pick her up for work again until yesterday, where I got some more things done to her.

The image to the right is the latest render of Elly with a few changes since the last post. I haven’t worked anything with the hair yet, so it’s still the same as in the last image, but I did work quite a bit with the skin shading and also tweaked the textures a bit more. The deeper I dig into the simple skin material in LightWave 9.6, the more I like it, it’s pretty capable. Other than the skin and textures I have also updated the eye shading and eye lashes as well.

I can’t get over how amazingly fast the updated render engine is in LightWave 9.6. This character renders in just a few minutes with quite high anti-aliasing in 1K resolution on a now aging Quad Core Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz. the same render takes almost over 15 minutes in 9.5, which was pretty fast anyway. Rendering in 9.6 is incredible. I love it! And has saved my bacon on many tight deadlines already during the autumn of 2008.

I’ll continue working with her tonight, and hopefully wrap this character up to final state. I will do some further tweaking to the texturing and shading, fix the clothing and do a major update to the hair.

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