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Using Celtx Shots for Storyboards on the iPad

My thoughts about the new storyboard and shot blocking iPad app, Celtx Shots. And what do you know, I recorded a basic tutorial video too.

Screenshot of Celtx Shots
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Film Camera Rig for LightWave 3D

A film camera rig for LightWave 3D which I’d like to share with the community. The rig is designed to be simple, easy and straightforward to use.

Camera Rig
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The ZBrush Sculpting Experiment is Over!

After having sculpted heads in ZBrush for about 24 hours my project “I am Johan’s Sculpted Doodles” have reached the end. It did yield some interesting results though to analyze.

Comparisation of two head sculptures
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Lucky Thirteen

This was another hour of doodling where I had pure fun and did not really want it to end when the alarm went off. Maybe it’s time…

Head sculpture with beard and beanie
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Flooding with Number 10

I am not going to flood my own journal with these doodles, but I had some real fun with this one, I even broke my own rule and gave it a few more minutes than I’m allowed to.

Johan's Sculpted Doodles #10
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How to Sculpt Your Dragon

… in 60 minutes. This is the 8th session of my “I Am Johan’s Sculpted Doodles” summer experiment.

How to sculpt your dragon
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Sculpting Session #04

The fourth session of my summer experiment, “I Am Johan’s Sculpted Doodles”. My doodling rules are: 60 minutes // from scratch // no references // no shirts // no shoes.

Sculpt of a Male Head
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A personal experiment of mine where I’ll try to make the time for a quick daily ZBrush doodle over the next weeks. My doodling rules: 60 minutes // from scratch // no references // no shirts // no shoes. See you at my Vimeo doodling channel.

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Conform By UV Video Tutorial

Lee Perry-Smith (Infinite Realities) has made a really nice mini video tutorial running for around 25 minutes demonstrating the usage of Conform By UV. Lee talks about the different modes, showing how and when to use it and runs through some practical examples with a few character models. Lots of good information if you’re interested…

Conform By UV Video Tutorial
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LightWave 3D Video Tutorial – Using TrueArt’s EasySplit

A few days ago I got a question in relation to the article I posted some months back, tips to speed up the modeling workflow in LightWave, concerning the TrueArt’s plugins that I use. How I actually incorporate them in my workflow. So I thought it would be a nice idea to make a video…

Easysplit Tutorial
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