I Am Johan’s Sculpted Doodles

I’ve a personal experiment this summer where I’ll try to make time for a quick doodle in ZBrush every day over the coming weeks. And record a timelapse video of the session.

This daily sculpt is kind of a warm up session, but I also hope to gain some positive side effects as I progress during these sessions.

  • Keep my skills fresh.
  • Explore new techniques.
  • Optimize my workflows.
  • Improvise ideas.
  • Improve my speed.
  • Have some fun.

My rules for this experiment:

  • 60 minutes time constraint. When my timer rings, I end the session.
  • Start completely from scratch with a blank canvas and work from there.
  • No references. The session should be improvised to see where the doodle takes me.
  • No shirts, no shoes.

I’ll keep adding videos to the above Vimeo channel for some time, and evaluate my timelapses to see where I can improve my techniques. If interested, feel free to follow the videos as I keep posting them.


  1. Could you also post here the final sculpts?

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