Almost There…

As the title says, almost there…

Celtx on iPad

Oh, and did I mention… I simply adore the iPad version of Celtx. It has made my life so much easier. Actually a lot of apps has made my life easier in the last months, not only for screenwriting, how did I manage before the iPad?

Anyway… almost there…


  1. I just got my iPad yesterday (version 1.0) and I love celtx on it as well. I’ve been using a small wireless keyboard and it’s like heaven. Also, check out Storyboard Composer as well. They don’t have an iPad version yet, but it’s coming.

    • Thanks for the tip on Storyboard Composer, I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for that one. I’ve only been using the iPad since January, and as it’s my first iDevice, I’ve had a blast looking for cool, useful apps for my work. You are probably already aware of Hand Held Hollywood, but if not, I’ve found it a good place to keep track on film related apps for the iPad.

    • Oh, by the way, when using an external keyboard, is the virtual keyboard hidden when typing so you gain more space?

  2. Yeah, when you’re using a wireless, the virtual keyboard completely disappears. It’s a joy to use with Celtx

  3. Hi Everyone!!

    I know this is an article about Celtx but I work at and they just released a celtx version that lets you sync your Celtx scripts with, so you can write Online and offline. You can download it from sourceforge here: or by searching there for Scripped.

    Check it out, it’s free! It’s same as celtx but also works with Scripped which is really convenient!!


    Outreach Director

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