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LScripting on the iPad

LightWave 3D LScript development on the iPad.

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Using Celtx Shots for Storyboards on the iPad

My thoughts about the new storyboard and shot blocking iPad app, Celtx Shots. And what do you know, I recorded a basic tutorial video too.

Screenshot of Celtx Shots
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TreeSketch 2 for iPad to LightWave 3D

The other day I downloaded the TreeSketch 2.0 app for iPad and I’ve just spent some time getting to know it. I’ve used my fair share of tree generating apps over the years. Vue, Onyx and X-Frog comes to mind as well as LightWave plugins like Tree/Leaves generator and DP_Verdure. While all of them good…

Weirdly shaped tree with yellow and red leaves
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Storyboard & Shotplan Templates for iPad

Storyboard and Shotplan Templates for filmmaking using iPad with Penultimate.

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Almost There…

I simply adore the iPad version of Celtx. It has made my life so much easier. Actually a lot of apps has made my life easier in the last months, not only for screenwriting, how did I manage before the iPad?

Celtx on iPad
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