The Art of the Female Anatomy

Lately I’ve been dedicating almost all my polygon modeling time towards the art of the female form when I haven’t been ZBrushing or recovering from dental surgery mayhems.

This character is going to turn out to be something really special, and I’ll have her finished right next to my Kat(ana) character. I just wanted to post an entry about her to get this modeling thread going as well in the blog.

In the Dungeon - Character Work in Progress

Working on improving my topology and anatomy knowledge

As can be seen, I haven’t really worked on the head yet, but been deep into working with getting a good anatomy topology of the body. I’ll work with this character this weekend, so I’ll have a new post with her on Sunday with better closeups of all the details and the final body modeling in place.

For quite some time I’ve been studying the female anatomy and the belonging topology a great deal to improve my modeling skills in that area as much as I can at the moment. I really hope this character turns out to be very good in that respect. I must send many thanks and kudos to Steven Stahlberg for all the great advice and information I’ve got from him and made myself get into a better habit of research and planning of my models in an early stage. I wouldn’t have learned so much and increased my understanding in this area if I hadn’t got the opportunity to share some of his knowledge. And I have learned to don’t fear the n-gon as much as I used to. ;)

I don’t think this particular character will get any ZBrush treatment. Polygon modeling has its own elegant charm, even though I really do enjoy sculpting. But there is a time and place for everything. And it feels pretty good to be working just inside LightWave’s modeler again. It gives me a very cosy and warm feeling to puzzle and spin all polygons in place.

On an unrelated note, I started editing together my 2007 showreel earlier this week, and it will go online in July. Details to come later.

Modeling Music: The Sounds – Dying to Say this to You

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