Let’S Give Kat a Sword

There’s been lot’s of ZBrushing in the log lately, but I’ve continued working on among other things my Katana character piece at the same time.

So while I was in LightWave 3D today modeling on Kat we talked about accessories. Yes, you do actually have to talk to your characters while modeling them. How else will they spring to life? And we decided that I should get her a Katana sword. I cleared out my screen and modeled together this piece of weaponry for her.

Katana Sword

Katana Sword - LightWave 3D Render

And here is an occlusion render and the wireframe of the above sword.

Katana Sword - Wire and Occlusion Render

Katana Sword - Occlusion and Wires

Alright starting to get time for a new update on the progress of how she is coming along as well. She told me she was eager to get a public appearance again. Stay tuned for an update of her shortly unless any new zbrush doodles surfaces first.

Modeling music: Architecture in Helsinki – In Case We Die


  1. the swords are just magnificent

  2. zaheer mukadam 10 years ago

    The Swords are not only magnificent, they are elegant and beautiful

  3. this sword is amasing and magnificent

  4. Amran Fadzil 9 years ago

    Hopefully I can get ones for my collection.It’s not just amazing n beautiful but more than that… it’s ‘history’ behind the Sword.

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