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Get Ready – More LightWave Excitement, NewTek Core

LightWave 9.6 has barely left the building (released just 2 days ago), when NewTek drops the next bomb. The excitement builds up at NewTek Core. Guess we’ll soon know more about the next major leap for LightWave. They sure are busy bees over at NewTek these days, and it has never been more interesting and…

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Fourth WIP of the Elly Model

Here’s a quick update to the character I worked with last week. I have been really busy, with work and also updating artstorm.net with some improved design and new features (like the turntable function), so I haven’t had time to pick her up for work again until yesterday, where I got some more things done…

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It’s Here, LightWave 3D 9.6

LightWave 3D 9.6… Woohoo! I just wanted to add a shout out that version 9.6 has been released today and are available to download at NewTek. I’m so happy with this release, as about every quirk I had with 9.5 is gone. Actually there is over 600 fixes and feature requests implemented in 9.6. It’s…

LightWave 9.5 Logo
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Skin and Hair Updates on Elly + Bonus FiberFX Script

I had some time tonight to make a few small updates to Elly. It’s getting closer to completion. Here’s the latest render test, the hair definitely needs more work… I didn’t have so much time to work with this tonight, but since yesterday I have done a few things anyway. I cleaned up some more…

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Resurrected Female Model – Painted and Shaded

Okay, a few hours has passed since my earlier post and it’s time for me to call it a night. Naturally I couldn’t completely finish her in this amount of time, as it’s quite a tedious task creating a detailed CG character. But I came pretty far though. I more or less completed painting the…

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Resurrecting Old Projects – Female Model

It’s Sunday afternoon, all the dreadful holidays stealing precious time are coming to an end, so what’s better to start of 2009 than by doing some house cleaning. I’ve let the axe work it’s way through my folder of unfinished projects with no mercy. It was time to kill some darlings where just too much…

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Hair Guides Styling – ASE Spline Importer for LightWave 3D

LightWave 3D has some excellent rendering options for hair. We have the native FiberFX as well as the Sasquatch plugin from Worley Labs. Unfortunately the actual creation and styling of hair guides is still a bit cumbersome in LightWave, which is a shame really as the quality of the renders can be of outstanding quality….

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Fix Symmetry Plugin for LightWave 3D

Fix Symmetry is a LightWave 3D modeler script I wrote for my own personal use some time ago. I recently polished it a bit by giving it a decent GUI and some more options, so I could release it. I hope some of you might find the tool useful in your workflow. It’s a more…

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Speed Doodling Session – Male Bust

Alright, time to post another speed doodle, I’ll keep these babies coming until I’m completely satisfied with my speed vs quality before moving on to make complete character projects with the new techniques I am developing for myself. This is approximately a 4 hour sculpt from the first drawn ZSphere in ZBrush until the final…

Male Head - Speed Doodle
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LightWave 3D – A Great Speed Modeling Application

About a year ago, I wrote a post about customizing modeler, since then I’ve completely switched to a 64-bit environment and with LightWave 9.5 just released, it was about time for an updated version. LightWave 3D was once known as the fastest polygon and subdivision modeler on the market. The modeling workflow was considered one…

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