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Modo 401 Script: Export Selected To OBJ

I just released a small Python script for modo to export the selected layer(s) to an OBJ file. There were a few layer to OBJ scripts available for modo but none that worked like I wanted or properly with modo 401. I needed this functionality badly right now to bring layers out as separate OBJ…

modo 401
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ZSketch in ZBrush 3.5

I finally had some time to play around a bit with the recently released version 3.5 of my favorite application, ZBrush. The new sketch spheres in the ZSketch mode is really interesting, and as usual with ZBrush – brilliantly fun to work with. Just a quick ZSketch i doodled together while exploring this new tool….

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ZBrush Head Sculpt Doodle

Here’s a quickie. I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I spent some time messing around in ZBrush. I’ve doodled for an hour or two, no references used – just having some fun while trying to sculpt a decent head from a couple of ZSpheres. The neck, what to say, looooong… Well, now I guess I’ll catch…

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Color Management: 3D Renders in Photoshop

A color managed workflow when dealing with 3D rendering can be handled in a few different ways, depending on your application and rendering methods. Almost none of the 3D applications in 2009 are color managed at this point. LightWave 3D can be color managed through a plugin, and then you even can use ICC profiles…

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Modo 401 is Here! Yey!

I just wanted to share my joy, modo 401 was released today. Woohoo! I’m downloading my update as I type and am very excited to take this new baby for a spin. Thank god that Luxology utilizes BitTorrent for a release like this, otherwise I guess the download would take forever… To be honest, I…

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The Skopa Chair for Magasinet Filter

It’s been kinda quiet in my journal for a while – as I’ve been very busy with some long term projects. I’m really looking forward to when I’ll be able to start publishing content from them. Anyway, to break the silence, as I do a few smaller gigs now and then, here’s a 3D illustration…

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LightWave 3D Video Tutorial – Using TrueArt’s EasySplit

A few days ago I got a question in relation to the article I posted some months back, tips to speed up the modeling workflow in LightWave, concerning the TrueArt’s plugins that I use. How I actually incorporate them in my workflow. So I thought it would be a nice idea to make a video…

Easysplit Tutorial
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Male Sculpt – ZBrush Doodling

Just another quick sculpting doodle… I had some time to kill today while waiting for renders to finish, and it has been some time since I had a doodle session, so I sketched around in ZBrush for a while and created this character. Nothing special, I just wanted to brush up a bit on male…

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Elly Has Left the Building, Final Render and Breakdown

Alright, it was time to wrap this baby up. I could go on and on to keep detailing and refining her, but I felt I’d reached the point where I’d accomplished what I wanted with this project, mainly researching some new techniques for my workflow and touch some base with FiberFX in 9.6. The final…

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Fifth and Final WIP of Elly

Here’s another update of this CG model, I spent some time with her last night. I modeled a new earpiece for her, fixed the clothing to make them a bit more fitting for her and also did some final tweaks to the skin texture and shading, which I am pretty happy with now. But the…

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