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Destrachan – Made a Decent UV Map

When I was halfway through the sculpting phase I decided to improve my UV Layout for my darling. Originally I had settled on letting ZBrush create the UV map for me, using GUV tiles. But then I thought Nah, they don’t look very pretty. ZBrush GUV tiles does create a very nice distortion free UV…

Destrachan - UV Checker Applied
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Destrachan – Sculpting the Evil

Time for a new Destrachan update. Another completely unrelated project with a tight deadline came in between, but today I’ve continued working on my Destrachan creature. The project that came in between is finished, and I’ll be able to post about it in two weeks when I’m allowed to publish it. Anyway, continuing from the…

Destrachan - Work in Progress 2
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Destrachan – Something Evil Has Begun

I haven’t blogged anything since I got back from my vacation. Things have just been crazy since I got back, which made my personal projects suffer a bit. I’m gonna get back on track now though. To get my juices flowing and get back in the groove I started a new project today (again… hehe)….

Destrachan - Wires
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ZBrush + LightWave 3D = True!

It was time! Time at last to bring one of my creations into another renderer than ZBrush. I doodled up something in ZBrush and moved it into LightWave 3D for rendering this time. Below is a rendering of my only 2470 polygons large mesh inside of LightWave with a displacement map. It did actually take…

Bird Creature Head - ZBrush Doodle Process
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Chupacabra – Rendered Update

A small update on the doodle I posted earlier today. I wasn’t completely happy with the look I got from the default rendering settings in ZBrush, so I spent some time reading up on the different settings and how they worked. So I just wanted to post a new version of this doodle with some…

Chupacabra - Rendered Version
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Chupacabra ZBrush Doodle

I’ve continued my explorations into the ZBrush universe and this is what popped out. I love the freedom to just mindlessly sculpt in this application. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve been into improving my ZBrush skills for about a week now I can say this software is truly amazing and will for sure improve my…

Chupacabra ZBrush doodle
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A Fantasy Creature ZBrush Doodle

I’ve continued my exploration within ZBrush 3, and had a one hour doodling session today (I haven’t forgot about my other projects, updates will come shortly on those as well). But I am really falling in love with the intuitive way of working in ZBrush so I will continue investing time to really get confident…

Fantasy Creature doodling in ZBrush
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Some Prehistoric Doodling

As ZBrush 3 was recently released, I’ve finally started taking the time needed to fully learn this lovely piece of software. Lot’s of more things for me to explore in this package, but I am getting there. Here is a doodle I made this morning just after I woke up while drinking my morning coffee….

Prehistoric Creature Doodle
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Goblin – Body Refined

Okay, todays update. I’ve been refining lot’s of details with his body, and now I’m quite happy with it. Just have some things left to do on the head, before I add his clothes into the object and start the painting of skin and extra details onto him. Will get to that tomorrow probably. Working…

Goblin WIP 3
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Goblin – Body Proportions in Place

Okay, a quick update of the progress of the little Goblin character. I’ve got the body proportions and look pretty much as I want them now. Still quite some detailing to add to the body to get it more interesting (and clothing of course) before I start painting him. Working Music: Anna Ternheim – Somebody…

Goblin WIP 2
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