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ZSketch in ZBrush 3.5

I finally had some time to play around a bit with the recently released version 3.5 of my favorite application, ZBrush. The new sketch spheres in the ZSketch mode is really interesting, and as usual with ZBrush – brilliantly fun to work with. Just a quick ZSketch i doodled together while exploring this new tool….

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ZBrush Head Sculpt Doodle

Here’s a quickie. I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I spent some time messing around in ZBrush. I’ve doodled for an hour or two, no references used – just having some fun while trying to sculpt a decent head from a couple of ZSpheres. The neck, what to say, looooong… Well, now I guess I’ll catch…

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ZBrush PaintStop Doodles

Pixologic released the PaintStop plugin for ZBrush about a week ago or something and I finally got some time today to install it and play around for a few hours. Here is two of all the doodles from my session today to learn the ins and outs of PaintStop. In the image above I played…

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Male Sculpt – ZBrush Doodling

Just another quick sculpting doodle… I had some time to kill today while waiting for renders to finish, and it has been some time since I had a doodle session, so I sketched around in ZBrush for a while and created this character. Nothing special, I just wanted to brush up a bit on male…

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Speed Doodling Session – Male Bust

Alright, time to post another speed doodle, I’ll keep these babies coming until I’m completely satisfied with my speed vs quality before moving on to make complete character projects with the new techniques I am developing for myself. This is approximately a 4 hour sculpt from the first drawn ZSphere in ZBrush until the final…

Male Head - Speed Doodle
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A New Female Head – Speed Doodling Session

I took a few hours tonight and had another speed doodling session. I worked from my imagination with this one, with a goal set to as fast as possible get a decent looking character. I really need to get a speedy workflow in modeling characters for some of my upcoming projects, so I’ll probably make…

Female Doodle 2 - Painted
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Female Head – Speed Sculpting Doodle

A 3 hour speed sculpting. I haven’t used ZBrush for a while, so I doodled around in it for a few hours today, to get the groove back. The image below is the result of a couple of zspheres and then just playing around, sculpting out the basics for the female form. I wasn’t going…

ZBrush Speed Sculpted Female Head
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Pin-Up Morning Doodle

Sunday morning. I woke up early today, and just felt like spending this lovely morning doodling around a bit in ZBrush. This is what came out after a quick session. It’s based on the character from my last work in progress post which I’ve been working on in LightWave 3D. I just exported her out…

ZBrush morning female doodle
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ZBrush + LightWave 3D = True!

It was time! Time at last to bring one of my creations into another renderer than ZBrush. I doodled up something in ZBrush and moved it into LightWave 3D for rendering this time. Below is a rendering of my only 2470 polygons large mesh inside of LightWave with a displacement map. It did actually take…

Bird Creature Head - ZBrush Doodle Process
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Chupacabra – Rendered Update

A small update on the doodle I posted earlier today. I wasn’t completely happy with the look I got from the default rendering settings in ZBrush, so I spent some time reading up on the different settings and how they worked. So I just wanted to post a new version of this doodle with some…

Chupacabra - Rendered Version
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