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Katana – Gets New Anatomy and Topology

There has passed some time since my last update of my character Katana. Last time I posted a progress of her I was in the texturing, shading and hair phase. Since then I have improved my skills so much in topology and anatomy so I just couldn’t stand to see her mesh anymore, so I…

Work in Progress of Katana
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Pin-Up Morning Doodle

Sunday morning. I woke up early today, and just felt like spending this lovely morning doodling around a bit in ZBrush. This is what came out after a quick session. It’s based on the character from my last work in progress post which I’ve been working on in LightWave 3D. I just exported her out…

ZBrush morning female doodle
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The Art of the Female Anatomy

Lately I’ve been dedicating almost all my polygon modeling time towards the art of the female form when I haven’t been ZBrushing or recovering from dental surgery mayhems. This character is going to turn out to be something really special, and I’ll have her finished right next to my Kat(ana) character. I just wanted to…

In the Dungeon - Character Work in Progress
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And We Have Shading

Here’s a quick update of my progress with this female character since yesterday. I finalized the facial features tonight, and started working on the shading and textures. Here’s my current state of her. I’ve finished the eyes and textured them. I’ve also started paint the textures for the skin. There is still some more work…

Katana - Work in Progress 4 - Render
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Cooking Fibers Resulted in a World of Hair

Alright, this piece has continued to progress. I’ve mostly concentrated on the head since the last update. I have tweaked the mouth and eyes a bit more and also finished the ears and attached them to the skull. I still have some finer adjustments left to do on the facial area before I am completely…

Katana - Work in Progress 3 - Render
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Looping in the Face on Katana

I had some other business to take care of, so I had a break for a few days from this piece. Tonight I got back to her again though, and I have made some more progress to her since the last post. I’ve spend this night working on the facial structure, and have been focusing…

Katana - Work in Progress 2 Wire
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Katana, New Female Character Started

I’ve begun working on a new character today. I have a pretty good idea where I’ll take her and how the final image shall look. This will end up as a single still only. I’ve focused a great deal on edgeloop modeling on this one, to finetune my skills in that area. The topology of…

Katana - Work in Progress 1
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A Female Character Session Has Started

I got back home today, after being on the road for a few days during the Christmas holiday. One of the two December holidays are over anyway. Now I just gotta make it through New Years Eve alive as well and everything will be just excellent. The first thing I did when getting back today,…

Jenni - WIP 1
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Julie, Final Renders and Final WIP

I wanted to try out an arty black & white look with the renders of this project. Here is a few different poses of Julie rendered with that style in mind. Last Work in Progress Images Okay, this is the last Work in Progress I’m going to post of Julie. I’ve finished all poses I…

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Someone Got a Couple of Tattoos…

Well, the second Julie post in one day. Not bad… Julie got herself tattooed today. In Johan’s Tattoo Parlor. Well, actually she got a couple of them, but well, let’s just show off one, the rest will be apparent when the final series is available. Working Music: Still Joakim Thåström

Julie WIP 6
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