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LScript Package for Sublime Text

My LightWave 3D LScript Package for Sublime Text 2 is now available at GitHub with features like syntax highlighting, auto completion, templates, snippets and comment toggling.

Screenshot of Sublime Text
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All My LScripts are Open Sourced

Today I uploaded the source codes for all versions of all my released LScript plugins for LightWave 3D to Google Code. I’ve been wanting to do that for some time so others can study and learn from my scripts, as well as increasing the reliability to use them in production as they can be tweaked…

Open Source Initiative Logo
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Transfer By UV Released

A short post, quick heads up. I just released Transfer By UV, a variation of the recently released Conform By UV Lee Perry-Smith and I put together. We had already talked about getting more data pushed between meshes this way, and when also Timothy Albee asked if Weight Map transfers could be added to the…

Transfer By UV
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Conform By UV Video Tutorial

Lee Perry-Smith (Infinite Realities) has made a really nice mini video tutorial running for around 25 minutes demonstrating the usage of Conform By UV. Lee talks about the different modes, showing how and when to use it and runs through some practical examples with a few character models. Lots of good information if you’re interested…

Conform By UV Video Tutorial
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Conform By UV Released

Here’s another release available for download. Conform By UV is a plugin that I’ve developed together with Lee Perry-Smith who came up with all the ideas and also contributed with the logo and testing. The concept behind this LightWave 3D modeler addition is to be able to use a base mesh and conform it to…

Conform By UV
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Render Presets Plugin for LightWave 3D

I just released Render Presets, another free plugin for LightWave 3D, which lets you manage a library of common rendering related settings to quickly organize, apply or switch between them. This started out as a script I wrote a long time ago when I worked with a project where I constantly needed to change between…

Render Presets for LightWave 3D
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LightWave 3D Video Tutorial – Using TrueArt’s EasySplit

A few days ago I got a question in relation to the article I posted some months back, tips to speed up the modeling workflow in LightWave, concerning the TrueArt’s plugins that I use. How I actually incorporate them in my workflow. So I thought it would be a nice idea to make a video…

Easysplit Tutorial
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Skin and Hair Updates on Elly + Bonus FiberFX Script

I had some time tonight to make a few small updates to Elly. It’s getting closer to completion. Here’s the latest render test, the hair definitely needs more work… I didn’t have so much time to work with this tonight, but since yesterday I have done a few things anyway. I cleaned up some more…

Todays update of Elly, added first draft of Hair.
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Hair Guides Styling – ASE Spline Importer for LightWave 3D

LightWave 3D has some excellent rendering options for hair. We have the native FiberFX as well as the Sasquatch plugin from Worley Labs. Unfortunately the actual creation and styling of hair guides is still a bit cumbersome in LightWave, which is a shame really as the quality of the renders can be of outstanding quality….

ASE Spline Import v1.1
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Fix Symmetry Plugin for LightWave 3D

Fix Symmetry is a LightWave 3D modeler script I wrote for my own personal use some time ago. I recently polished it a bit by giving it a decent GUI and some more options, so I could release it. I hope some of you might find the tool useful in your workflow. It’s a more…

Fix Symmetry - Tolerance Fix
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