My process of making animated films and everything related. Spanning from behind the scenes to technical research.

Almost There…

I simply adore the iPad version of Celtx. It has made my life so much easier. Actually a lot of apps has made my life easier in the last months, not only for screenwriting, how did I manage before the iPad?

Celtx on iPad
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There is Love – More Concept Teasing

I thought it was about time I added a new entry to the Blog. It has gone a few days since the last addition. The movie production, There is Love Of Course, hasn’t stagnated, but are still running smoothly and progresses forward according to schedule. I haven’t got around yet finishing the dedicated movie site,…

Love Concept Art
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There is Love – There is Concept Art

Another There is Love of course update. I made the final version of the script. Rewrote and fine tuned some details from some parts of the draft. I’ve also started drawing concept art for the characters that will appear in the movie. I’m about to begin storyboarding the entire script during the next week, and…

There is Love Concept Art
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There is Love of Course

Set aside all my own small personal projects with images and single artworks, I do also have some more serious projects in the pipeline. Commercial contractors, works and also my movie projects. And to my more serious projects, I got a brand new injection. Today I had the most fantastic and wonderful experience for I…

There is Love of course
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Race to Glory – Short Movie

I just got news I might have gotten a development deal for an animated short entitled Race to Glory I wrote a couple of years back. Excellent! I will post more on the subject when appropriate.

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