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Goblin – Revisit

The summer is here, and I’ll have at least a month of free time, getting some things of the ground. To get my juices flowing I decided to finish some old projects that’s been sitting lonely for a long time, and by that be able to soon send a bunch of files to my archive…

The old Goblin project with some ZBrush doodling
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Innkeeper: The Texture Game is on

At last, here’s a new update of my innkeeper character. Again, it took a little longer than I had expected since my last update, but I’ve had a few commissioned pieces of work that have come in between. Believe it or not, but they take precedence over my personal projects. Anyway, today I got back…

Innkeeper - Work in Progress - Texturing 1
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Innkeeper: Now the Fun Can Begin!

I had some time tonight to continue working with this guy, so I finished up the modeling process of this project. Now the fun can begin! Since the last post, I’ve made tweaks all over the character, but I’ve mainly focused on the face to make him look a bit more interesting. Also for these…

The Innkeeper - Work in Progress 4 - Hair
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Another Innkeeper Session

Here is a few updated images of the progress of my Innkeeper character. I didn’t have time to work with him until today again. But now he is starting to come together after this session. I’ve got rid of the strange pointy belly and added some more volume to it as well as some fat…

Innkeeper - Work in Progress 3 - Left View
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A Small Innkeeper Update

I just wanted to post a small update. I’ve had a very busy week so far, so there haven’t been so much time to work with this guy. But the modeling is starting to get in place. I need one more session with him and then the modeling should be more or less finished. I…

The Innkeeper - Work In Progress 2 - Front View
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New Character Started – The Innkeeper

I have another new project in the pipeline. A personal project where I want to perfect some techniques of mine. Mainly in creating lots of details in the models while keeping the polygons to a very low amount. But also to some extent texture painting. So here is the first quick draft of a character…

The Innkeeper - Work in Progress
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Destrachan – Finished

Alright, Destrachan is finished and posted to my 3D Portfolio. I ended up modeling some sort of dungeon environment to put him in. I could probably have spent some more time with it but I wanted to finish this project, wrap it up and move on to new challenges. I was about to make some…

Destrachan - Finished
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Destrachan – Painted and Rigged

Here we go. I finished painting my little guy in ZBrush the other day. So here is the final result rendered in LightWave 3D. When I was at it, I also created an animation rig for him. So I can pose and animate him. Nothing fancy but all the basic controls needed are there. Some…

Destrachan - Finished Model
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Destrachan – First Pass of Painting

Just a quick update, I’ve done the first pass of painting on the little guy, so I just wanted to post a progress image. It’s getting decent, but I need one more session to work on him before I am happy with the textures and shading. I have done all painting of the skin texture…

Destrachan - Work In Progress - Textures
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Destrachan – Sculpting is Finished

As Siggraph is this week, most companies in the industry have new exciting things to present or release. And yesterday was definitely Christmas for me. I was like a kid in a candy store with all the new toys I got. ZBrush 3.1 (Outstanding update!), Vue 6.5 and LightWave 9.3. So I kept myself pretty…

Destrachan - Work in Progress - Render3
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