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A Small Innkeeper Update

I just wanted to post a small update. I’ve had a very busy week so far, so there haven’t been so much time to work with this guy. But the modeling is starting to get in place. I need one more session with him and then the modeling should be more or less finished. I…

The Innkeeper - Work In Progress 2 - Front View
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New Character Started – The Innkeeper

I have another new project in the pipeline. A personal project where I want to perfect some techniques of mine. Mainly in creating lots of details in the models while keeping the polygons to a very low amount. But also to some extent texture painting. So here is the first quick draft of a character…

The Innkeeper - Work in Progress
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Destrachan – Something Evil Has Begun

I haven’t blogged anything since I got back from my vacation. Things have just been crazy since I got back, which made my personal projects suffer a bit. I’m gonna get back on track now though. To get my juices flowing and get back in the groove I started a new project today (again… hehe)….

Destrachan - Wires
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Some LightWave 3D Modeling Tips and Tricks

Aug 17, 2008: I’ve written a more updated version of this post here. This is a follow up to my post earlier today to share some of my modeling “secrets” to be able to model as fast as possible with LightWave 3D. Perhaps some of you out there will find this or parts of it…

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Still Operating on Kat but Here is a Hand Update

Well well well, when you get into reworking something like I have done here with Kat’s complete topology it’s bound to take a little bit longer than expected. But here’s a quick update until I’m completely finished with her. Aiming on tomorrow, but you never know. Anyway, here’s an OpenGL screenshot of her new hand…

Work in Progress - Katana Hands
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Katana – Gets New Anatomy and Topology

There has passed some time since my last update of my character Katana. Last time I posted a progress of her I was in the texturing, shading and hair phase. Since then I have improved my skills so much in topology and anatomy so I just couldn’t stand to see her mesh anymore, so I…

Work in Progress of Katana
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The Art of the Female Anatomy

Lately I’ve been dedicating almost all my polygon modeling time towards the art of the female form when I haven’t been ZBrushing or recovering from dental surgery mayhems. This character is going to turn out to be something really special, and I’ll have her finished right next to my Kat(ana) character. I just wanted to…

In the Dungeon - Character Work in Progress
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Let’S Give Kat a Sword

There’s been lot’s of ZBrushing in the log lately, but I’ve continued working on among other things my Katana character piece at the same time. So while I was in LightWave 3D today modeling on Kat we talked about accessories. Yes, you do actually have to talk to your characters while modeling them. How else…

Katana Sword
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Cooking Fibers Resulted in a World of Hair

Alright, this piece has continued to progress. I’ve mostly concentrated on the head since the last update. I have tweaked the mouth and eyes a bit more and also finished the ears and attached them to the skull. I still have some finer adjustments left to do on the facial area before I am completely…

Katana - Work in Progress 3 - Render
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Looping in the Face on Katana

I had some other business to take care of, so I had a break for a few days from this piece. Tonight I got back to her again though, and I have made some more progress to her since the last post. I’ve spend this night working on the facial structure, and have been focusing…

Katana - Work in Progress 2 Wire
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