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Katana, New Female Character Started

I’ve begun working on a new character today. I have a pretty good idea where I’ll take her and how the final image shall look. This will end up as a single still only. I’ve focused a great deal on edgeloop modeling on this one, to finetune my skills in that area. The topology of…

Katana - Work in Progress 1
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Sculpting Out Furniture Details

An evening a few weeks back I started working on this living room. Then I didn’t touch it until today. Other things have come in between, like my daytime job. And the last two weeks I have been doing some house cleaning, I’ve gone through every image and animation I’ve done since the 90’s and…

Modern Living Room WIP 2
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New Living Room Project Started

The heat has been astonishing in Sweden lately. Even I have had a few trips out to the beach getting some variation on my nowadays so white skin. Anyway, Friday night, stayed home for once, and found some time to start on a new project. I’ve been playing around with my new baby, LightWave 3D…

Living Room WIP 1
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Goblin – Body Refined

Okay, todays update. I’ve been refining lot’s of details with his body, and now I’m quite happy with it. Just have some things left to do on the head, before I add his clothes into the object and start the painting of skin and extra details onto him. Will get to that tomorrow probably. Working…

Goblin WIP 3
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Goblin – Body Proportions in Place

Okay, a quick update of the progress of the little Goblin character. I’ve got the body proportions and look pretty much as I want them now. Still quite some detailing to add to the body to get it more interesting (and clothing of course) before I start painting him. Working Music: Anna Ternheim – Somebody…

Goblin WIP 2
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Goblin – Just Started

Started on a new project tonight. Actually it turned out to be none of the ones I did have in mind earlier. As usual. But the ones I had in mind is still around, and this one I think will be a pretty quick one. Actually, this will be a piece called Loneliness. But that’s…

Goblin WIP 1
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Julie, Final Renders and Final WIP

I wanted to try out an arty black & white look with the renders of this project. Here is a few different poses of Julie rendered with that style in mind. Last Work in Progress Images Okay, this is the last Work in Progress I’m going to post of Julie. I’ve finished all poses I…

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Julie, WIP 5

Alright, today I’ll finish her! Not much left to do now, and most important of all, I’ve come up with what I think is some intriguing ideas for some other image series, so I must end this one now before my inspiration for the other ones are gone. Okay, since I last posted an update,…

Julie WIP 5 Back
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Julie, WIP 4

I seem to come up with changes and improvements all the time making the series of images of this character going on forever. I hope to do the final touch tonight though so I can put her on the shelf of finished stuff soon. I have improved her face quite a bit, what I have…

Julie WIP 4
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Julie, WIP 3

Well, pretty happy with the face now… Just some minor tweaks left with it and some adjustment to the hair. Then I’ll consider the head finished of her. Will finish up the last details on the body first though. Working Music: Still The Sounds. (Love Maja’s voice.)

Julie WIP 3 Wireframe
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