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Smoking Guy with a Hat

Here is a collection of images from a character sculpting session I had tonight. All images are screengrabs of the ZBrush canvas with some post processing done in Photoshop. I sculpted this guy from a bunch of ZSpheres without a determined destination. I didn’t use any references this time but let the character design come…

Smoking guy with a hat
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The ZBrush Sculpting Experiment is Over!

After having sculpted heads in ZBrush for about 24 hours my project “I am Johan’s Sculpted Doodles” have reached the end. It did yield some interesting results though to analyze.

Comparisation of two head sculptures
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Sculpt in the Night

Here’s a quick and rough ZBrush sketch I made late, very late, last night just before hitting the sack.

Head sculpt with contrast
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Getting Things Done

If you’re a productivity junkie like me you might find this post interesting, unless you mind me rambling a bit about GTD:ing my life. And a new, but it’s old, image posted as well…

The Inkeeper
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Sculpting Session #04

The fourth session of my summer experiment, “I Am Johan’s Sculpted Doodles”. My doodling rules are: 60 minutes // from scratch // no references // no shirts // no shoes.

Sculpt of a Male Head
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A personal experiment of mine where I’ll try to make the time for a quick daily ZBrush doodle over the next weeks. My doodling rules: 60 minutes // from scratch // no references // no shirts // no shoes. See you at my Vimeo doodling channel.

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Space Marine Concept Art

Here we go again, a very long time has passed without me setting aside time for entries. Anyway, I’ve just delivered my last project for the week, so I decided to take few days and work with personal projects, which also is an excellent opportunity for me to get my journal going again. I’ve been…

Space Marine Concept Art
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ZBrush Head Sculpt Doodle

Here’s a quickie. I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I spent some time messing around in ZBrush. I’ve doodled for an hour or two, no references used – just having some fun while trying to sculpt a decent head from a couple of ZSpheres. The neck, what to say, looooong… Well, now I guess I’ll catch…

Late Night Doodling in ZBrush
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Male Sculpt – ZBrush Doodling

Just another quick sculpting doodle… I had some time to kill today while waiting for renders to finish, and it has been some time since I had a doodle session, so I sketched around in ZBrush for a while and created this character. Nothing special, I just wanted to brush up a bit on male…

Male ZBrush anatomy doodle
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Elly Has Left the Building, Final Render and Breakdown

Alright, it was time to wrap this baby up. I could go on and on to keep detailing and refining her, but I felt I’d reached the point where I’d accomplished what I wanted with this project, mainly researching some new techniques for my workflow and touch some base with FiberFX in 9.6. The final…

Elly - Final Render
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